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Rosmarinus The Rainmaker. 'Mac'

 18.11.2000  -  25.02.2016
Rosmarinus The Werryman X Rosmarinus Mulberry.

Image: Mac August 06

* All English lines. K.C. reg.
* Blue Tri-colour dog. Athletic build.
* Superb Temperament. Outgoing, kind & up for work!
* Successful in the show ring as a youngster, qualifying for Crufts and POTY.
* DNA tested Normal for CEA:
* TNS Normal by parentage:
* Adult eye tested clear from PRA:
* BAER hearing tested Normal:
* Scissor bite. Full dentition.
* 20.5" in height.
* Carries chocolate genes.
* Hip score 5,6
* Experienced stud dog producing stunning puppies for all disciplines.
Retired from breeding.

Pedigree via Anadune

Image: Mac September 06

Image: Still moving out well aged 9.


Image: Mac Jan 06

Image: Coming through. Dec. 05

Image: Yummy

Image: Mac Agility

Image: Mac dogwalk

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