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Cinder x Bryn Litter


Dam:Red Hot Cinder for Rosmarinus {hips 3,2}(Ag.Ch. Forbyfor Turbodiesel x Rosmarinus Bright Skye)
Sire: Rosmarinus Brimstone {hips 2,3} (Heathgate Grit x Rosmarinus Bright Skye). All English pedigree.
1) Black Tri dog.
2) Red Tri dog.
3) Black Tri bitch.
4) Red Sable dog.
5) Red Tri dog. 
6) Lilac Sable Bitch.

Image: 1) Tri boy. Sold. (Obedience)

Image: 2) Red Tri boy. Sold. (Agility)

Image: 3) Black Tri girl. Available.

Image: 5) Red-Tri boy. Sold. (Agility)

Image: 4) Red Sable boy. Sold. (HTM)

Image: 6) Lilac girl. Sold. (Agility)

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