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Pie x Puffin litter

Image: Happy Pie. Litter 1 day old.

5.11.2007: 5 new puppies for Pie. Born in the early hours of this morning. Pie did a great job. All finished in 4 hours.
Photo of sire at bottom of page.

1) Black / white boy. 15oz ... Rosmarinus Flapjack.
2) Black/ white girl. 13 1/4oz ... Rosmarinus Black Cherry.
3) Tri girl. 9 1/2oz ... Rosmarinus Petticoat Tails. (aka Teddy)
4) Black /white boy. 15 3/4oz ... Rosmarinus Blackstrap.
5) Black / white girl. 11oz ... Rosmarinus Florentine.

Image: Day 1 - Beautiful heads

Image: Sealight Puffin

Sealight Puffin (Orville) is owned and bred by Bing Bellamy. She has bred Sealight Border Collies, famous in Obedience circles, since the 1960's. All English lines. Kennel Club registered.
Puffin has a delightful character and gentle nature. He is now 10 years old.
DNA tested Normal for CEA.

Image: Flash boy - 3 weeks

Image: Dark girl - 3 weeks

Image: Tri girl - 3 weeks

Image: Dark boy - 3 weeks

Image: Zebra - 3 weeks

Image: Teddy with mouse.

Image: Blackstrap @ 5 weeks

Image: Florentine @ 5 1/2 weeks

Image: Lunch outside.

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