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Pimms x Diesel litter.

'Rosmarinus Pimms' x 'Agility Champion ForByFor Turbo Diesel'.
All Tri-colours expected. Black-Tris or Chocolate-Tris.
All English pedigree. K.C.Reg.
Both CEA Normal by DNA test or parentage.
Pimms hips 0,6. Diesel hips 5,4.
Beautifully constructed dogs with outgoing personalities & very high work drive!

*This litter available to experienced, competitive homes only.*

Agility Champion, Obedience Champion, Sheepdog Trials Champion and Show Champion all in a 3 generation pedigree.


7 pups arrives safely by ceasarean section at 6 pm on the 10th. All Black-Tris. 4 girls and 3 boys. Everyone has survived the night and Pimms is very maternal.
See below for individual pictures.
All these puppies have now gone to thier new homes.

Image: Pimms and newborn pups (10.5.06)

Image: Pimms

Congratulations to Diesel on winning the Championship Agility class at Crufts for the 3rd year running... What a star!

Image: Diesel

Image: Pimms staying at Diesel's house.

All the litter passed their eye and hearing tests at 6 weeks.
Here they are at 6 weeks:-

Image: Classyboy (R. Gin Special) - now 'Zinni'.

Image: Mr. Perfect (R. Gin Swizzler) now 'Rio'.

Image: Littlechap (R. Gin Cooler) now 'Jax'.

By a freak of nature Littlechap has been born with an abnormal eye. He is quite normal in every other respects, in fact he is the most adventureous puppy in the litter.

Image: Dot (R. Gin Fizz) now 'Meg.'

Image: Tornado (R. Gin Dash)

Image: Tbar (R. Gin Sling) now 'Leda.'

Image: Whiteface (R. Gin Soda) now 'Lace.'

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