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Ag.Ch. Forbyfor Turbo Diesel X Mulberry.
D.o.B. 25.05.2005. All English lines. K.C. Reg.
Hip score: 5,8.
Eye tested Normal at 6 weeks.
Genetically Normal for CEA by parentage.
TNS Normal by parentage.
BAER Hearing tested Normal.
Adult eye test Normal (March 2011)
Gonioscopy test Normal.
Temperament, very sweet, full of fun with boundless energy.
Retired from breeding.

Pedigree via Anadune

Image: Opal may 06

Image: Opal at nearly 1 year.

Image: Opal @ 8 months

Image: Opal 4.5months


Image: Opal @ 4.5 weeks

Image: Opal @ 7 days

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