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Demi's litter

21.05.2009: 7 pups born between 6 pm and Midnight.

1) Chocolate/white girl. 14oz - Sold.
2) Chocolate/white girl. 14oz - Sold
3) Chocolate/white girl. 12.8oz - Reserved
4) Black/white boy... 12.2oz - Sold
5) Chocolate/white boy. 10.6oz - Sold
6) Black/white girl... 12oz - Sold
7) Black/white girl... 13oz - Sold

Pups all passed their eye tests at 6 weeks.

Father of the litter:-
Demi was mated to Laetare Unleashed, Chocolate-Tri Agility dog, on day 13 of her season. Eight days later, on day 21 of her season, my Mac (R. The Rainmaker) got in with her and obviously mated her too. The pups were born mid way between the mating dates. The black/white puppies must be Mac's but the chocolate/white puppies could be from either dog. I will DNA test to prove parentage at 4 weeks of age before the pups can be registered.
Apologies for the delay to people who are wanting a puppy. Both stud dogs have great temperaments and great ability, so all the pups will be ideal for Agility &/or Obedience.
These things are sent to try us!

DNA results:- Puppys 1) Choc girl, 3) Dark choc girl and 5) Choc boy are sired by Laetare Unleashed.
Puppys 2) Choc girl and 4),6) & 7) the Black/whites are sired my Rosmarinus The Rainmaker.

Pictures shown in birth order.
New pics. at 5 weeks. Scroll down.

Image: Climbers!

Image: 1) choc girl @ 5 weeks (R. Spark O Fire)

Image: 2) choc girl - 5 weeks (R. Sparklin Bright)

Image: 3) Choc girl 5 weeks (R. Sparklin Jewel)

Image: 4) Black/white boy @ 5 weeks (R. Spark In The Dark)

Image: 5) choc boy @ 5 weeks (R. Sparks Aflame)

Image: Izzie1 for Edna (R. Sparks Will Fly)

Image: 7) black/white girl @ 5 weeks (Mai)(R. Spark A Lark)

Image: 6,7 & 4 b/w pups

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