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Rosmarinus Brimstone. 'Bryn'

DoB: 8 May 2009.
Heathgate Grit ISDS. X Rosmarinus Bright Skye.

Image: Bryn 11 months old. A smiley, happy boy.

Sable & White boy.
* CEA Normal by parentage.
* DNA tested Normal for TNS.
* BAER hearing tested Normal.
* 6 week eye test Normal.
* Gonioscopy tested Unaffected.
* Hip score 3,2.
All English pedigree. K.C. registered.
Lovely calm, sensible temperament. Very affectionate, gentle and bidable.
Big, galloping dog.
Enjoys bringing in easy sheep, but he's not very strong to deal with difficult sheep.

Image: Bryn 11 months

Image: 11 months old. Leggy teenager.

Image: Sable in the stable. (Ears back 'cause Mum told me to "Stay there.")

Image: Bryn in the snow @ 8 months.

Image: Bryn @ 1 year.

Image: Bryn @ 6 months - lovin his sheepwork.

Image: Bryn @ 12 weeks



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