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Anabaron Forest Flame at Nobite ISDS X Prunus Cherry Red
D.o.B. 24.03.2003 - 27.07.2016.

Image: Demi Dec.05

Elegant chocolate and white bitch. Bred with competitive Agility in mind. Very quick and light on her feet. Gentle temperament. To be trained and run by junior handler.
* Eye tested Normal at 6 weeks.
* Adult eye tested Normal for PRA (April 2010)
* CEA carrier.
* BAER hearing tested Normal.
* Gonioscopy tested Unaffected.
* Hips: 5,8.
All English pedigree. K.C.reg.
Bronze Good Citz.
Retired from breeding.

Image: Demi.Nov05

Image: Demi play bow


Image: Walking on water? Yer Right!

Image: Demi on a winters morning 06

Image: puppy Demi

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