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Pie x Baz litter.

Dam: Rosmarinus Rising Star (Rosmarinus The Werryman x Rosmarinus Loganberry.)
Sire: Canen Baz (Canen Laz x Canen Spangle.)
All 'English' pedigree.

All pups passed their eye and BAER hearing test at 6 weeks.

Pups all sold.

Pedigree via Anadune.

Pie has had 5 puppies, born between 11am and 2pm....
1) Black-Tri girl. 15.5oz
2) Blue Merle & Tan boy. 14oz
3) Blue Merle girl. 13.8oz
4) Black & White boy. 16oz
5) Dark Chocolate & White boy. 13oz

At 5 weeks I am now not at all sure of the colour of #5 puppy. I don't think he is chocolate but perhaps Dark Sable or Seal.
Help on this would be appreciated...

Canen Baz is Duel registered. Blue Merle & Tan with grey eyes (not blue.)
Hips 5,5: Tested Normal for CEA.
Baz is a friendly and sensible character.
A good sized dog, well put together with strong limbs, good angles a beautiful head.
Picture at bottom of page.

New puppy pics at 5 1/2 weeks old below.

Image: Pie and new born pups.

Image: new born pups: From L - R. Choc boy, merleboy, merlegirl, B/w boy, Tri girl,

Image: Tri girl @ 5 1/2 weeks

Image: Blue Merle + Tan boy @ 5 1/2 weeks

Image: Blue Merle girl @ 5 1/2 weeks

Image: Black & White boy @ 5 1/2 weeks

Image: Marmite boy @ 5 1/2 weeks

Image: Canen Baz (09) the Daddy.

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