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Raven x Jax Litter

Raven has been mated to Rosmarinus Gin Cooler (Ag.Ch. Forbyfor Turbo Diesel x Rosmarinus Pimms.) All English pedigree. Black, Tri-colours possible. Should be a good size (not small). Suitable for Agility &/or Obedience. Should be fast, nimble and intelligent. Very high drive.

Pups will be CEA Normal by parentage.
Both parents are BAER Hearing Tested Normal.

Jax has a loving and bidable personality. Easy going, bold, quite low ranking, loves his toys. Very well put together dog with good angles, excellent forearm, straight and sound limbs, tight feet, beautiful head, long tail and good quality coat.
Hip score 6,8. See photo of him below.

10 puppies arrived on Tuesday evening (The Glorious Twelfth.)
2 Tri girls, 3 black/white girls, 2 Tri boys and 3 black/white boys.
1 boy has a black face and 1 girl has a white face. The rest are fairly classically marked.
Pups ready to go w/e of the 4-5th October.

Image: Happy Raven - pups 6 days old.

Litter pedigree via Anadune.

Image: Rosmarinus Gin Cooler - Jax.

In birth order...
1) Black/white girl. 9 3/4oz
2) Tri girl. 9 1/4oz
3) Black/white girl. 9 3/4oz
4) Black/white boy. 12 3/4oz
5) Tri boy
6) Tri girl. 11 1/2oz
7) Black/white girl. 6 3/4oz - Dot.
8) Black/white boy. 12 1/2oz
9) Black/white boy. 12 1/2oz
10) Tri boy. 10 3/4oz

Image: Day 1.

Image: Hungry pups day 19

Image: Day 24: Pups eating.

New toys from Dog-Games. Especially desinged with different colours/contrasts, textures, shapes, sounds and weights to stimulate puppies senses and experiences.

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