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Rosmarinus The Werryman X Rosmarinus Loganberry
D.o.B. 20.05.2005 - 4 .07. 2016.
* Hip score 1,1.
* Eye tested Normal at 6 weeks.
* Genetically Normal for CEA by parentage.
* TNS Normal by parentage.
* BAER Hearing tested Normal.
* Adult eye tested Normal.
* Gonioscopy tested Unaffected.
Temperament, very sweet and full of fun.

Pie's delightful personality won our hearts, so she remains with us. A charming girl with lots of 'naughty spots' on her nose!

Qualified for Crufts at her first show. Midland's Border Collie Club champ. show on 5 February 06, taking 2nd place in Minor Puppy Bitch.

Officially measured (twice) 'Medium' for Agility.

Image: Pie @ 14 months.

Image: Pie at 11 months

Image: Pie waiting for her turn. (11 months)

Image: Pie moving the sheep nicely through the gateway (head down, tail down.)


Image: Pie sept05

Image: Pie in the sun

Image: Pie playing on the kayaks.

Image: Pie whispering to Mummy

Image: Pie @ 11 days

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