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Opal x Dandy litter.

24 January 2011:
Sire:Dandy {Hips 0,0} (Canen Baz ISDS x Rosmarinus Rising Star)
Dam: Opal {Hips 5,8}(Ag.Ch. Forbyfor Turbodiesel x Rosmarinus Mulberry)
All English pedigree. They will almost certainly all be 'large' agility size.
All passed their eye and BAER hearing test at AHT at 6 weeks.

1) Blue Tri Merle boy - 14.5oz (R. Cardoon)
2) Choc Tri Merle girl - 13.7oz (R. Teasle)
3) Blue Tri Merle boy - 15oz (R. Dandelion)
4) Black Tri girl - 13.4oz (R. Thistledown)
5) Black Tri girl - 11.2oz (R. Bramble)
6) Black Tri boy - 14.7oz (R. Black Thorn)
7) Black Tri boy - 7.2oz (R. Star Thistle)

Image: Frankie. (Ol' blue eyes)

Image: Teasle.

Image: JJ.

Image: Wisp.

Image: Mimm.

Image: Harry.

Image: Badger 6 1/2 weeks

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