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Sire: Rosmarinus Gin Cooler (Ag.Ch. Forbyfor Turbodiesel x Rosmarinus Pimms.)
Dam: Rosmarinus Raven (Threjays Gruffydd ISDS x Rosmarinus Loganberry.)

Image: Honey @ 14 months

All English pedigree.
D.o.B. 12.08.2008
CEA Normal by parentage.
TNS Normal by parentage.
Eye tested Normal at 6 weeks.
BAER hearing tested Normal.
Gonioscopy tested Unaffected.
Hips: 0/0.
Retired from breeding.

I didn't plan to keep any of this litter, but, as so frequently happens to breeders, they find that one particular puppy just keeps catching their eye and so they end up staying. Honey was that puppy. So played so sweetly with Tiny Dot, the little runt, who was so often picked on by the the others. A gentle natured character Honey certainly is and and a real beauty too.

Image: Honey @ 5 1/2 months.

Image: Honey @ 12 weeks


Image: Honey @ 5 weeks

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