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Rosmarinus the Werryman X Rosmarinus Loganberry.
All English pedigree.
20.05.2005 - 4.04.2018
Hip score: 4,2.
Eye tested Normal at 6 weeks.
Genetically Normal for CEA by parentage.
BAER Hearing tested Normal.
Very sweet and gentle personality.

Crufts qualified at her first show, Manchester 2006.

Winner of 'Best Bitch Puppy' at BCCGB 'Pup of the Year' 2006.

Retired from breeding.

Pedigree via Anadune.


Image: Clip November 06

Image: Eclipse waiting for her turn on sheep. March06

Image: Eclipse watching the sheep. March06

Image: Eclipse 6 months.

Image: Eclipse 12 weeks

Image: Eclipse 6 weeks

Image: Eclipse @ 5 weeks

Image: Eclipse @ 4 weeks

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